At Camden Cycle Club we love to race, be it Road Racing, Criterium, Hill Climbs and Time Trials. Anything we can get our pedals on. Results are here.

Past Results

Rhys O’Shea Christmas Classic Road Race 2019

A massive thanks to the 84 riders who came out today to celebrate the memory of Rhys O’Shea at the Christmas Classic road race and to Matthew Playford for sponsoring the event as well as Sandy Playford and the O’Shea family for making all the yummy treats to raise money for the RFS.

A Grade:
1st: Jack Bennett – Randwick Cycling Club
2nd: Oliver Murray – ANU Cycling Club
3rd: Chris Ling – Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club
4th Michael Olsen – ADCC

B Grade:
1st: Andrew Bray – Harlequin
2nd: Aaron Taylor – Camden Cycling Club
3rd: Manuel Moncada – Camden Cycling Club
4th/First Female: Amanda Jones – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo

C Grade:
1st: Matthew Playford – Camden Cycling Club
2nd: Andrew Thomas – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
3rd/First Female: Katie Banerjee – Harlequin
4th: Eline Smit – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo

D Grade:
1st: Ben Said (Para athlete) Scott Gilbertson on tandem – Manly Warringah Cycling Club
2nd: Greig Cochrane – St George Cycling Club
3rd: Ian Bennett – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
4th: Paul Oyston – Camden Cycling Club
1st Female: Lani Bennett – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo

Macquarie Fields Crit Race 1-12-19

B Grade:
1st Manuel Moncada – Camden CC
2nd Rob Hall – Camden CC
3rd Mark Saliba – Camden CC

C Grade:
1st Dave Hunt – Camden CC
2nd Brett Kent – Camden CC
3rd Ian Bennet – Camden CC

Downes Nursery Classic Road Race 17-11-19

Huge congratulations to the winners at the Downes Nursery Classic on the weekend, thank you to Downes Nursery for donating Trophies, Vouchers and Medals.

A Grade:
1st Craig McCarney – Camden CC
2nd Daniel S-chwartz – Camden CC
3rd Simon Ball – Marconi Cycling Club

B Grade:
1st Jacob Jenkins – Camden CC
2nd Thomas O’Callaghan – ATTA
3rd Rob Hall – Camden CC
1st Female Bridget Bremner – North Western Sydney Cycling Club

C Grade:
1st William Richards – Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club
2nd Amanda Jones – Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
3rd Matthew Playford – Camden CC
1st Female Amanda Jones – Sydney Uni Velo

D Grade:
1st Zain Anis – Sydney Cycling Club
2nd Greig Cochrane – St George Cycling Club
3rd Chris Fairall – Camden CC
1st Female Lois Cochrane – Penrith Cycling Club

Macquarie Fields Criterium 10-11-19

A Grade:
1st: Craig McCarney – Camden CC
2nd Rhys Clarke – Camden CC
3rd Jared Madsen – Camden CC

B Grade
1st Dan Hickey – Camden CC
2nd Andrew Wilkinson – Marconi Cycling Club
3rd Manuel Moncada – Camden CC

C Grade
1st Matthew Playford – Camden CC
2nd Brett Kent – Camden CC
3rd Warren Downes -Camden CC

D Grade
1st Joshua Gudiksen – Camden CC
2nd James Salafia – Camden CC
3rd Mike Adams – Camden CC

Macquarie Fields Criterium 27-9-19

A Grade:
1st: Daniel S-chwartz – Camden CC
2nd: Rhys Clarke – Camden CC
3rd: Jared Madsen – Camden CC

B Grade:
1st: Glen Leechburch Auwers – Camden CC
2nd: Rodney Nguyen – Parklife Cycling Club
3rd: Mark Saliba – Camden CC

C Grade:
1st: Dave Hunt – Camden CC
2nd: Graham Johns – North Western Sydney Cycling Club
3rd: Andrew Jackson – Camden CC

D Grade:
1st: Joshua Gudiksen – Camden CC
2nd: Caroline Smale – Waratah Masters CC
3rd: Brade Stewart – Bankstown Sports Cycling Club

Macquarie Fields Criterium Race 13-10-19

A Grade
1st Nicholas Johns : Après Vélo Racing
2nd Matthew Hooker : Après Vélo
3rd Jared Madsen : Camden CC

B Grade
1st Stuart Austin : Penrith Cycling Club
2nd Daniel Pomering : Camden CC
3rd Manuel Moncada : Camden CC

C Grade
1st Brett Kent : Camden CC
2nd Rob Hall : Camden CC
3rd Andy Palmer : Penrith Cycling Club

Macquarie Fields Criterium 16-9-19

Congratulations to the winners of today’s Criterium at Macquarie Fields, some great spring weather and racing was had today.
A Grade:
1st Daniel Schwartz Camden CC
2nd James Gilmore Marconi Cycling Club
3rd Craig McCarney Camden CC

B Grade:
1st Jacob Jenkins Camden CC
2nd Manuel Moncada Camden CC
3rd Dan Hickey Camden CC

C Grade:
1st Andrew Jackson Camden CC
2nd Lani Bennett Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
3rd Warren Downes Camden CC

D Grade:
1st Indi Bennett Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
2nd Jordan McAulay Camden CC
3rd Keith McPherson Illawarra Cycle Club

Lucky Dip Time Trial 31-8

We had a blast today at the Lucky Dip 20km Team Time Trial today. The teams rode hard and there was plenty of smack talk at the pub afterwards. Congratulations to
1st: Jared Madsen and Glen Leechburch Auwers
2nd: Tilly Offord and Jimmy Kourembes
3rd: Mark Saliba and Rachel Eagles

The lucky dip team selection evened the playing field and made for a lot of fun.

Macquarie Fields Criterium Race 18-8-19

A Grade
1st Matthew Hooker – Marconi
2nd Daniel Schwartz – Camden
3rd Taylor Forest – Marconi

B Grade
1st Aaron Taylor | Camden
2nd Jacob Jenkins | Camden
3rd Manuel Moncada | Camden

C Grade
1st Paul Bradley | Penrith
2nd Adam Thompson | Penrith
3rd Lois Cochrane | Penrith

Macquarie Fields Criterium Race 21-7-19

Congratulations to the winners from Sundays Crit race at Macquarie Fields, the numbers were way down on usual because of the cold racing conditions.

Grade A/B Combined:
1st Andrew Ballas (Camden)
2nd Rhys Clarke (Camden)
3rd David Ward (Camden)

Grade C/D Combined:
1st Rachel Eagles (Camden)
2nd Lani Bennett Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
3rd Corey Nicholls Penrith Cycling Club

Menangle Road Cycling Race July 19

Congratulations to the Winners from our 51km Road Race at Menangle on the 7th July, the conditions were very foggy but the racers were not and put in some big efforts and gave us some exciting racing.

A Grade:
Daniel Swartz CCC
Jacob Wilson Parklife Cycling Club
Scott Butler Illawarra Cycle Club

B Grade:
Josie Talbot CCC
John Van Pham Bankstown Sports Cycling Club
Brett Harpur CCC

C Grade:
Ashley Maraylin
Reece Wagner
Andrew Jackson CCC

D Grade:
Greg Scott CCC
John Terranova CCC
Warren Downes CCC

Menangle Road Cycling Race 9-6-19

Congratulations to the winners of today’s road race at Menangle, we had a fantastic attendance in all grades.

A Grade:
1st Jared Madsen (Camden)
2nd Craig McCarney (Camden)
3rd Jacob Wilson (Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic Park)

B Grade:
1st Nathan Crump (Nowra Velo Club)
2nd Peter Truong (Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club – LACC)
3rd Aaron Taylor (Camden)

C Grade:
1st Hugh Sessini (Illawarra Cycle Club)
2nd Jacob Jenkins (Camden)
3rd Jeremy Whiting (Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club – LACC)

D Grade:
1st Michael Gleeson (Camden)
2nd Andrew Jackson (Camden)
3rd Maurice Moro (Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club)

Narellan Sports Hub Criterium race 2-5-19

A Grade:
1st: Andrew Ballas (Camden)
2nd: Jacob Wilson
3rd: Jared Madsen (Camden)

B: Grade
1st: An Huynh (Bankstown Sports Cycling Club)
2nd: Manuel Moncada (Camden)
3rd: Andrew Williamson (Marconi Cycling Club)

C Grade:
1st: Jacob (Camden)
2nd:Matt Playford (Camden)
3rd: Glen Leechburch Auwers (Camden)

D: Grade
1st: Joshua Gudiksen (Camden)
2nd: Warren Downes (Camden)
3rd: Greg Webb (Camden)

Macquarie Fields Criterium Race 25-5-19

Lots of fast cycling racing at Macquarie Fields this weekend.

A Grade
1st Rhys Clarke
2nd Craig McCarney
3rd Nick Brain

B Grade
1st Mark Saliba
2nd Rob Hall
3rd Aaron Taylor

C Grade
1st: Brett Harpur
2nd: Matt Playford
3rd Jacob

Narellan Sports Hub Criterium 5th May

A Grade:
1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd:Nick Brain
3rd: ScottButler

C Grade
1st: Matt Playford
2nd: BrettKent
3rd: Greg Scott

D Grade
1st: James Salafia
2nd: Jordan Thomas
3rd: Greg Webb

2019 Club Championships

Round 2 – Hill Climb Old Razorback

1 Rhys Clarke 9.38
2 Jared Madsen 9.46
3 Mark Saliba 11.25
4 Craig McCarney 11.26
5 Daniel Pommering 11.50
6 Isaac Hogan 11.56
7 Manuel Moncada 12.27
8 Jimmy Kourembes 12.28
9 David Ward 12.32
10 Jacob Jenkins 12.38
11 Adnaan Gierden 12.44
12 Rachel Eagles 13.29
13 Glen Leechburn 13.48
14 Brett Kent 13.49
15 Warren Downe 15.47
16 Joshua Gudiksen 19.09

Round 1 – Elimination Criterium at Macquarie Fields

1. Rhys Clarke
2. Aron Taylor
3. Craig McCarney
4. Jared Madsen
5. David Ward
6. Adnaan Gierden
7. Daniel Pommering
8. Jacob Jenkins
9. Glen Leechburn
10. Jimmy Kourembes
11. Michael Gleeson
12. Brett Kent
13. Warren Downe
14. Chris Fairall
15. James Salafia
16. Greg Webb
17. Josh Gudiksen

Narellan Sports Hub Criterium Cycling Race 31/3/19

Div 1
1st: Craig McCarney
2nd: Dave Ward
3rd: Manuel Moncada

Div 2
1st: Brent KENT
2nd: Tim McMurray
3rd: Michael Gleeson

Div 3
1st: James Salafia
2nd: Greg Webb