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Formation of Camden Bicycle Touring Club 1899

Formation Camden Bicycle Touring Club 10th Aug 1899

In 1899 the Camden Bicycle Touring Club was formed, so far this is the oldest reference we have been able to find for a Cycling Club in Camden You can view the original newspaper article from 1899 here Cycling in Camden FORMATION OF a LOCAL CLUB. A meeting of cyclists..Read More


1900 Camden to Ashfield bike race

Argyle Street Camden - Stg Cantwell Camden to Ashfield 1900

Before a race in 1900, riders line up in Argyle Street, Camden. On the back of the photo, it reads: ‘Sgt Cantwell. Camden to Ashfield 1900’.


1909 Club Championships

Club Champion 1909 sash

Cycling has a long history in Camden, in 2021 a resident in Elderslie found this amazing sash from the 1909 Club Championships and kindly donated it to the club.


Camden Bike Club 1930

Camden Bike Club 1930

Cycling has a rich history as shown in this photo from 1930, known Camden Bike Club back then. There was no lycra back in those days.


Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club begins

Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club

In 1993 the Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club is formed by a keen group of cyclists, returning cycling to the Camden and Macarthur region.


Order of Macarthur 2008

Order of Macarthur 2008

Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club is presented with the Order of Macarthur – Sporting Achievement for outstanding service to the community. Presented by Hon Pat Farmer MP


Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club Wins interclub series

Macarthur Collegians win interclub

After 15 Long years chasing the pack the Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club won the Southern Region Interclub Series from Illawarra Cycling Club. Featured in this image are Jimmy Kourembes, Andrew Jackson, Tim McMurray and Peter McLean the first three are still racing with the club 11 years later.


2011 Macarthur Wins the Southern Region Interclub series

2011 Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club wins the Southern Region Interclub series, 2 Years in a row we won the road cycling competition.


Camden Win’s Southern Region Interclub series

Camden Win’s Southern Region Interclub series again Click HERE for the full story and results


Construction Begins on Narellan Criterium Track

Construction Begins on Narellan Criterium Track

Construction begins on Narellan Sports Hub Stage 2, which will feature a Criterium track that will be the home of Camden Cycle Club. Camden Cycle club is very excited about the track built by Camden Council, this will allow us to host large state-level events, weekly night racing and more.