Summer Criterium Series Wrap up

It’s been another great Summer of Cycling criterium racing for Camden Cycle Club with lots of thrills and a couple of spills, the series was held over 4 events on 3 courses in Western Sydney and Macarthur area each with their own challenges for the racers. Points are awarded for attendance and for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions with the winners receiving a cash price after the last cycling race. We had over 50 riders compete over the cycling race series.

What is Criterium Cycling Race

For those new to cycling racing a Criterium race is generally a closed circuit from 500mm to 1.5km long raced over a set time from 30 minutes to 1 hour followed by a set number of laps 1-3 with the winners the first across the line, Criterium racing requires a lot of tactic and skill to be successful, it’s also a great way to build your skills and fitness.

Narellan Sports Hub

This course is a tight twisting track that will test your bike handling skills as well as the ability to put the power down quickly coming out of the tight turns, Narellan sports is opposite Narellan Bunnings.

Smeatons grange

the Smeatons grange course in Western Sydney is a hot dog shaped course which starts in front of Magdalene High School and is basically hill repeats.

Macquarie Road Reserve

Located at Macquarie fields in Western Sydney this course is one of the favorites with lots of fast flowing corners.

The Winners

Congratulations to the below winners, the prize pool was split into 2 divisions combining A and B Grade together and the same with C and D grade.

Division 1

1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Aaron Taylor
3rd: Jared Madsen

Division 2

1st: Jordan McAulay
2nd: Dave Hunt
3rd: Adam Patoo

Round 4 – Narellan Sports Hub

A Grade
1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Jacob Wilson
3rd: Toby Croudson

B Grade
1st: Jared Madsen
2nd: Aaron Taylor
3rd: Alex ???

C Grade
1st: Jacob Jenkins
2nd: Brett Kent
3rd: Greg Scott

D Grade
1st: Josh Gudiksen
2nd: Jordan Thomas
3rd: Mike Adams

Round 3: Magdalene Catholic High School

A Grade
1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Jacob Wilson
3rd: Jared Madsen

B Grade
1st: Dan Hickey
2nd: Aaron Taylor
3rd: Manuel Moncada

C/D Grade
1st: Dave Hunt
2nd: Greg Scott
3rd: Jacob Jenkins