At Camden Cycle Club we love to race, be it Road Racing, Criterium, Hill Climbs and Time Trials. Anything we can get our pedals on. Results are here.

Antonia Albert Winter Criterium 2020

Huge congratulations to the winners of the Antonia Albert Criterium 9-8-20 and special thanks to the event sponsors Antonia Albert

A Grade
1st: Jesse Coyle - Nero Continental
2nd: Leo Yip - Nero Continental
3rd: Peter Wakefield - Penrith Cycling Club

B Grade
1st: Josie Talbot - Camden Cycle Club
2nd: Stuart Austin - Camden Cycle Club
3rd: Jacob Jenkins - Camden Cycle Club

C Grade
1st: Keith Nicolle - Randwick Cycling Club
2nd: Matt Playford- Camden Cycle Club
3rd: Tim McMurray - Camden Cycle Club

D Grade
1st: Josh Gudiksen - Camden Cycle Club
2nd: Craig Cremen - Penrith Cycling Club
3rd: Mika Francis - - Camden Cycle Club

Macquarie Fields Criterium 1-3-20

A Grade:
1st Craig McCarney - Camden
2nd Jared Madsen - Camden
3rd Manuel Moncada - Camden

B Grade:
1st Stuart Austin - Camden
2nd Dan Hickey - Camden
3rd Rachel Eagles - Camden

C Grade:
1st Dave Hunt - Camden
2nd Nigel Apps - Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC
3rd Michael Pride - Penrith Cycling Club

D Grade:
1st Matt Wilson - Camden
2nd Laura Brienesse - Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC
3rd Stuart Garnsey - Camden

Criterium Macquarie Fields 16-2-20

We had a great turnout today for the Macquarie Fields Criterium Race, thanks to everyone who came out and big thanks to Glen for running the races today.

A Grade:
1st: Andrew Ballas - Apres Velo
2nd: Rhys Clarke - Camden
3rd: Craig McCarney

B Grade:
1st: Mark Saliba - Camden
2nd: Stuart Austin - Camden
3rd: Jimmy Kourembes - Camden

C Grade:
1st: Tirian McManus - Apres Velo
2nd: Greg Scott - Camden
3rd: Tim McMurray - Camden

D Grade:
1st: Josh Gudiksen - Camden
2nd: Greg Webb - Camden
3rd: Christopher Arp - ADF

Macquarie Fields Criterium 2-2-20

A Grade:
1st: Daniel Schwartz – Camden CC
2nd: Jacob Jenkins – Camden CC
3rd: Jacob Wilson – Parklife

B Grade: 
1st: Glen Leechburch – Camden CC
2nd: Brett Kent – Camden CC
3rd: Jimmy Kourembes – Camden CC

C Grade:
1st: Dave Hunt – Camden CC
2nd: Rachel Eagles – Camden CC
3rd: Warren Downes – Camden CC

D Grade:
1st: Josh Gudikson – Camden CC
2nd: Greg Webb – Camden CC
3rd: Stuart Garnsey