At Camden Cycle Club we love to race, be it Road Racing, Criterium, Hill Climbs and Time Trials. Anything we can get our pedals on. Results are here.

Macquarie Fields Criterium 1-3-20

A Grade:
1st Craig McCarney - Camden
2nd Jared Madsen - Camden
3rd Manuel Moncada - Camden

B Grade:
1st Stuart Austin - Camden
2nd Dan Hickey - Camden
3rd Rachel Eagles - Camden

C Grade:
1st Dave Hunt - Camden
2nd Nigel Apps - Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC
3rd Michael Pride - Penrith Cycling Club

D Grade:
1st Matt Wilson - Camden
2nd Laura Brienesse - Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC
3rd Stuart Garnsey - Camden

Criterium Macquarie Fields 16-2-20

We had a great turnout today for the Macquarie Fields Criterium Race, thanks to everyone who came out and big thanks to Glen for running the races today.

A Grade:
1st: Andrew Ballas - Apres Velo
2nd: Rhys Clarke - Camden
3rd: Craig McCarney

B Grade:
1st: Mark Saliba - Camden
2nd: Stuart Austin - Camden
3rd: Jimmy Kourembes - Camden

C Grade:
1st: Tirian McManus - Apres Velo
2nd: Greg Scott - Camden
3rd: Tim McMurray - Camden

D Grade:
1st: Josh Gudiksen - Camden
2nd: Greg Webb - Camden
3rd: Christopher Arp - ADF

Macquarie Fields Criterium 2-2-20

A Grade:
1st: Daniel Schwartz – Camden CC
2nd: Jacob Jenkins – Camden CC
3rd: Jacob Wilson – Parklife

B Grade: 
1st: Glen Leechburch – Camden CC
2nd: Brett Kent – Camden CC
3rd: Jimmy Kourembes – Camden CC

C Grade:
1st: Dave Hunt – Camden CC
2nd: Rachel Eagles – Camden CC
3rd: Warren Downes – Camden CC

D Grade:
1st: Josh Gudikson – Camden CC
2nd: Greg Webb – Camden CC
3rd: Stuart Garnsey