At Camden Cycle Club we love to race, be it Road Racing, Criterium, Hill Climbs and Time Trials. Anything we can get our pedals on. Results are here.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who without their help these races would not be possible.

Rhys O'Shea Christmas Classic Road Race

A Grade:
1st Ben Dyball - Penrith Cycling Club
2nd Chris Ling - Randwick Cycling Club
3rd Rhys Clarke - Camden CC

B Grade:
1st Ian Studley - Mornington Cycling Club
2nd Chris McInnes - St George Cycling Club
3rd Matt Hale - Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo
1st Female Lani Bennett - SUVELO

C Grade:
1st Sam Playford - Canberra Cycling Club
2nd Jilio Rodriguez - Manly Warringah Cycling Club
3rd Brett Kent - Camden CC

D Grade:
1st Samuel Watson - Camden CC
2nd Greg Scott - Camden CC
3rd Craig Elborough - Camden CC
1st Female Lani Bennet - Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo

E Grade:
1st John Cozma - Camden CC
2nd Brett Kelly - Sutherland Shire Cycling Club
3rd Alex Mackie - Penrith CC
1st Female Juliane Scuteri - Camden CC

Downes Nursery Classic Road Race 2021

A Grade:
1st: Edwin Britts - Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club
2nd: Craig McCarney - Camden Cycle Club
3rd: Alexander Micallef - LACC

B Grade:
1st: Aiden Teuma - Northern Sydney Cycle Club
2nd: Kevin O’Meley - Southern Highlands Cycle Club
3rd: Matt Plohl - Parramatta Cycle Club

C Grade:
1st: Flynn Hill - Camden Cycle Club
2nd: Luke Allport - Camden Cycle Club
3rd: Brett Kent - Camden Cycle Club
First Female: Lani Bennett - SuVelo Cycle Club

D Grade:
1st: Hannah Gianatti - Penrith Cycle Club
2nd: Daniel Gianattti - Penrith Cycle Club
3rd: Ian Bennet - SuVelo Cycle Club

E Grade:
1st: Justyna McCarney
2nd: Jeanie Wilson

Eagles Automotive Camden Roubaix

A Grade:
1st: Nick Spratt - Penrith
2nd: Ben Dyball - Penrith Cycling Club
3rd: Jared Madsen - Camden

B Grade:
1st: Kevin Berkley - Parramatta Cycling Club
2nd: Stuart Austin - Penrith CC
3rd: David Deitz - Illawarra Cycle Club
First Female: Nicole Oh - Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo

C Grade:
1st: Pat Coleman - Parklife
2nd: Andrew Jackson - Camden CC
3rd: Brad Oaten - Nowra Velo Club
First Female: Roberta Salvatori - Marconi Cycling Club

D Grade:
1st: Mika Francis - Camden
2nd: Beau Spencer - Camden
3rd & First Female: Charlotte I’ons - Illawarra

Macquarie Fields Criterium 11-4-21


Macquarie Fields Criterium 28-2-21

Thanks to the 48 riders who came out today for some crit racing.

A Grade:
1st: Stephen Cuff
2nd: Rhys Clarke
3rd: Sean Brunt
B Grade:
1st: Adrian Pelegrin
2nd: David Ward
3rd: Mark Saliba
C Grade
1st: Andrew Reid
2nd: Matt Playford
3rd: Peter Milenkovic
1st Female: Lani Bennett
D grade
1st: Mika Francis
2nd: Warren Downes
3rd: Josh Newman
1st Female: Indiana Bennett