Rules for Southern Region Interclub Series cycyling races

1. The Southern Region Interclub Series (45km) clubs are as follows: Eurobodalla CC, Goulburn CC, Illawarra CC, Jindabyne CC, Camden CC, Nowra VC, and Southern Highlands CC. CNSW has nominated an Interclub as a Category 3 event. There will be two (2) Divisions for handicaps and four (4) Divisions for scratch and criterium races, at race days. The handicapper will decide where to split the events, however at the discretion of the handicapper the competitors may be moved between the Divisions. U17’s are allowed to enter the Interclub, therefore NO CAMERAS ON BIKE, HELMET OR RIDER…

2. Each club has agreed not to hold a club race on the day the Interclub is being held.

3. Each club is to send out a flyer notifying the other clubs of the event, with race entries closing two (2) weeks before the event, except for the Criterium which is one week before the event.

4. All races are to be held on Saturday’s commencing at 2.00pm, with the exception of Nowra (which is a criterium with 4 grades) which is held on a Sunday at 9.00 am with a closing date one week before the event.. Current Club shirts must be worn when racing in the event. Competitors are requested to surrender their Cycling Australia race membership to obtain their race number. No membership card no start.
The competitor MUST sign the sign-on sheet and shall collect their race number no later than 15 minutes before race start; and NO numbers will be given out after 15 minutes before the race starts.

5. Race entry fee is to be paid by the competitor to their club when the competitor nominates for the event, if the race entry fee is not paid by the closing date of the event to their club the competitors name is to be deleted from the event.

6. If the competitor withdraws from the event after the closing date there will not be any refund/transfer of the race entry fee to the competitor.

7. Race entry names are to be emailed to the Handicapper and Treasurer by the following Monday, (12 days before the event). In the event of a Club accidentally omitting a rider the entry will be accepted up to 7 days before the event. For the Handicap races if a rider wishes to enter in the 14-7 day period before the race their entry will be accepted but they will have to pay a late entry fee of $10. NO ENTRIES SHALL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Entries for the Scratch Race and Criterium events shall be accepted after the closing date up to 15 minutes prior to the event but the late entry fee of $10 shall be applicable.

8. Race entry fees are to be posted to the Treasurer by the following Friday, (8 days before the event), so that the prize money can be withdrawn from the bank account and made available on the day of the race. Club cheques to be made payable to Southern Region Interclub Series, or Direct Deposit into the bank account using BSB 641-800, account number 200361361.

9. The Handicapper will send back the draft handicapped programme to the Clubs’ for review, each Club is to check that all their riders are listed on the programme, as their names will not be added later on, nor will they be added on the day, the Club’s may request changes to the handicaps given but will not be changed on the day of the race, the final programme will be returned to the Host Club no later than 4 days before the event.

10. The race entry fee is $15, depending on the amount of race entry fees received for each race, the race entry fees will be divided as follows: number of riders X $5 for the club, take out $200 for the three fastest times in each handicap race, and the balance divided by three, 1/3 for Division 1, 1/3 for Division 2, 1/3 to be kept for the overall point score prize pool, the Host Club can use their share to pay the Club’s expenses, i.e. First Aid, Commissaires, Traffic Controllers, Toilets etc. Where the scratch and criterium races are held the entry fees that be divided by five. One 5th for each of the races and one 5th for the overall point score prize pool.

11. The prize money paid for each handicap will be on a sliding scale and between 1st $85 to $70, 2nd $75 to $60, 3rd $65 to $50, 4th $50 to $40, 5th $40 to $30, with the three fastest times to be taken on each race, fastest time $50, 2nd fastest time $30, 3rd fastest time $20, with less for scratch and criterium races (this will depend on the number of race entries), and the prize money is split up between the 4 races.

12. CURRENT CLUB UNIFORM must be worn at the presentation, but no caps or sunglasses.

13. Points will be awarded for both Divisions as follows:
Individual riders: 1st 10, 2nd 9, 3rd 8, 4th 7, 5th 6, 6th 5, 7th 4, 8th 3, 9th 2,10th 1.
Fastest time points: 1st 3, 2nd F/T 2, 3rd F/T 1.
Club points: 1st 7, 2nd 6, 3rd 5, 4th 4, 5th 3, 6th 2, 7th 1.

Each competitor has to sign the sign-on sheet, and race to receive three (3) points, however each competitor needs to start in three (3) events, to be considered for the Series overall prize money.
Points awarded from both Divisions will go into ONE overall points list after the last race.

14. After the final race, the prize pool is divided between all the competitors who have won the top ten (10) place points, and the top three (3) fastest times place points, as per Rule 13 leaving a bank balance sufficient to cover the bank fees.

15. After the final race, if several competitors have equal points, the prize money for that place will be split equally amongst the competitors with equal points.

16. The Club with the most points will be awarded the trophy and have the trophy engraved with their club name and the year.

17. If for any reason a host club cannot hold the Interclub in their area then the Interclub will be held in another Club’s area with both Clubs’ working together to hold the event.

18. Meetings shall be held from time to time as required, with voting being one (1) vote to each club.

Established in 1992, amended 2nd August 2018.