Southern Region interclub series 2022

The Interclub series is a fantastic way to try new courses and have a lot of fun.

There is nothing more exciting than than competing together as a team.

Every Year Camden CC, Illawarra CC, Nowra Velo Club, Southern Highlands CC, Goulburn CC and Jindabyne CC go head to head in the Southern Region Interclub cycling race series.

The Interclub races are a great way to meet new people, try some new courses and enjoy some "Friendly" rivalry and banter as well as just been a lot of fun.

The 2022 Interclub series will be held over 5 Events, 1 Criterium, 1 handicap road race and 3 scratch road races.

All the races are graded or handicapped depending on your ability so there is something for everyone from the novice to the seasoned racer.

Keep the below dates free and join in with other Camden Cycling club members and show your team spirit.

Interclub Cycling Race Dates:

Round 1: February 20th Sunday: Nowra Velo Club – Criterium
Round 2: March 19th Sat: Camden Cycle Cycle Club – Road Race
Round 3: April 9th Sat: Southern Highlands – Road Race (Cancelled)
Round 4: May 7th Sat: Goulburn CC – Handicap Road Race
Round 5: June 11th Illawarra CC – Road Race

You must be at least U17 to enter these races

In 2022 Camden Cycle Club is hoping to make it 5 years in a row of being victorious.

The top racers are awarded points across 2 divisions to come up with an overall individual winner between all the clubs and a top club with the highest accumulated points.

Event information will be posted on our Events Page and Facebook page closer to each Cycling Race.

Come and compete for Camden Cycle Club and show them what we are made of, lots of tactics are involved in these events making them especially fun.

The rules for the event can be found here.

Club Points

ClubRound 1 (Now)Round 2 (CCC)Round 3 (GCC)Round 4 (ICC)Total
Southern Highlands7411123

Round 1 - Nowra

Division 1A (A Grade)

1 Jacob Emmerton -GCC
2 Craig McCarney -CCC
3 Kevin Berkeley -CCC
4 Rhys Clarke -CCC
5 Josh Ludman -NVC
6 Callum Emmerton -GCC
7 Zac Muetterties -ICC
8 Curtis Trkulja -NVC
9 Simon Clark -ICC
10 Glen Leechburch-Auwers -CCC
11 Hugh Sessini -ICC
12 Nate Evans -ICC
13 Glenn Allerton -CCC
14 Jordan Rowlands -GCC
15 Mackenzie Hunter -ICC

Division 1B (B Grade)

1 Luke Allport -CCC
2 Mark Astley -NVC
3 David Ward -CCC
4 Daniel Hickey -CCC
5 Nathan Crump -NVC
6 Richard Vollebregt -SHCC
7 Rod Latham -ICC
8 Dave Raymond -ICC
9 Gavin Nethery -NVC
10 Graham Rutter -ICC
11 Ruben Vidal -CCC
12 Daniel Pomering -CCC
13 Mark Williams -NVC
14 Tim McMurray -CCC
15 David Deitz -ICC
16 Adnaan Gierdien -CCC
17 Ben Wallis -NVC

Division 2A (B-C Grade)

1 Senna Agius -CCC
2 Richard Vitiello -NVC
3 Terry Wall -ICC
4 Stephen Gendek -NVC
5 Scott James -ICC
6 Brad Oaten -NVC
7 Jason Spence -NVC
8 Phil Rice -NVC
9 Ayla Rudgley -GCC
10 Michael Berriman -NVC
11 Josh Henry -NVC
12 Henry Ludman -NVC
13 Dave Hunt -NVC
14 Wayne Bensley -GCC
15 Jeremy Gilchrist -GCC
16 Tony Patton -NVC
17 Jade Colligan -NVC
18 Jimmy Kourembes -CCC

Division 2B (C Grade)

1 Ben Squires -ICC
2 Matt Playford -CCC
3 Flynn Hill -CCC
4 Robert Beretov -ICC
5 Phil Jones -ICC
6 Kevin Goodman -ICC
7 Ian Roe -ICC
8 Douglas Gray -NVC
9 Peter Milenkovic -CCC
10 Beau Spencer -CCC
11 Adrian McMillan -NVC
12 Bill Stahlhut -NVC
13 Dean Byrne -NVC
14 Phil Bourke -CCC
15 Brett Kent -CCC
16 Tim Devlin -NVC
17 Jon Schol -NVC
18 Vaso Stojakovic -ICC
19 Stephen Dos Santos -ICC
20 Joey Matriano -CCC

Division 2C (D Grade)

1 Cameron Harrison -NVC
2 Zac Peters -NVC
3 Michael Francis -CCC
4 Jayson Gal -ICC
5 Chris Harison -NVC
6 Jamie Overton -NVC
7 Lachlan Hodson -CCC
8 Lois Cochrane -CCC
9 Zac Hulm -SHCC
10 Ted Higham -CCC
11 Warren Downes -CCC
12 Chris Berry -GCC
13 Michael Thompson -NVC
14 Ethan Astley -NVC
15 Greig Cochrane -CCC
16 Ian Thebridge -CCC
17 Peter Jackson -JCC
18 Adam Young -CCC
19 Mike Adams -CCC

Round 2 - Camden Cycle Club

Division 1A (A Grade)

1 Rhys Clarke CCC
2 Kevin Berkeley CCC

Division 1B (B Grade)

1 Mark Astley -NVC
2 Mark Saliba -CCC
3 Mackenzie Hunter -ICC
4 Daniel Pomering -CCC
5 Rod Latham -ICC
6 Richard Vollebregt -SHCC
7 Adam Patao -CCC
8 David Ward -CCC
9 Ben Wallis -NVC
10 Brendan Ingram -CCC (DNF)
11 Daniel McLaren -CCC (DNF)
12 Peter Milenkovic -CCC (DNF)
13 Jordan Rowlands -GCC (DNF)
14 Aaron Coghlan -SHCC (DNF)

Division 2A (C Grade)

1 Rob Richards -CCC
2 Flynn Hill -CCC
3 Brett Kent -CCC
4 Lari Bennet -CCC
5 Jimmy Kourembes -CCC
6 Tim McMurray -CCC
7 Matt Playford -CCC
8 Robert Beretov -ICC
9 Andrew Jackson -CCC
10 David Hunt -CCC
11 Ramazan Yavuz -CCC
12 Phil Bourke -CCC
13 Beau Spencer -CCC
14 Joshua Gudiksen -CCC (DNF)

Division 2B (D Grade)

1 Michael Francis -CCC
2 Josh Newman -CCC
3 Peter Graham -CCC
4 Lachlan Hodson -CCC
5 Ian Bennett -CCC
6 Jayson Gal -ICC
7 Ian Brandon -JCC
8 Ted Higham -CCC
9 Harvey Tjoe -ICC
10 Chris Berry -GCC
11 Ethan Astley -NVC
12 Warren Downes -CCC
13 Zac Hulm -SHCC (DNF)
14 Adam Young -CCC (DNF)
15 Joey Matriano -CCC (DNF)
16 Lois Cochrane -CCC (DNF)
17 Greig Cochrane -CCC (DNF)
18 Ricky Neilson -CCC (DNF)

Round 3 - Goulburn (Handicap)

Division 1

1 Harvey Tjoe -ICC
2 Gary Pearson -JCC
3 Lou Palermo -ICC
4 Gail Pearson -JCC
5 Sheryl Rotondo -JCC
6 Ian Brandon -JCC
7 James Quaid -GCC
8 Chris Berry -GCC
9 Lillee Pollock -ICC
10 Abe Martin -ICC
11 Chris Allen -ICC
12 Peter Milenkovic -CCC
13 Lachlan Hodson -CCC
14 Terry Wall -ICC
15 Phil Bourke -CCC
16 Ted Higham -CCC
17 Andrew Jackson -CCC
18 Warren Downes -CCC
19 Josh Newman -CCC
20 Cameron Harrison -NVC
21 Graham Rutter -ICC
22 Mark Saliba -CCC
23 Kevin Goodman -ICC
24 Ryan Britten -ICC
25 Rhys Clarke -CCC
26 Nat Burns -ICC
27 Kent Carpenter -JCC
28 David Hunt -CCC
29 Ruben Vidal -CCC

Division 1

30 Neil Arnold -ICC
31 Richard Vollebregt -SHCC
32 Glen Leechburch Auwers -CCC
33 Daniel Pomering -CCC
34 Rod Latham -ICC
35 David Ward -CCC
36 Daniel Hickey -CCC
37 Robert Beretov -ICC
38 Chris Harrison -NVC
39 Flynn Hill -CCC
40 Ben Wallis -NVC
41 Phil Jones -ICC
42 Nick Brain -CCC
43 Brett Kent -CCC
44 Kieren Harrison -NVC
45 Adam Young -CCC
46 Ricky Neilsen -CCC
47 Jimmy Kourembes -CCC
48 Emily Hitchman -CCC
49 Aaron Coghlan -SHCC
50 Matt Playford -CCC
51 Daniel Mclaren -CCC
52 Joey Matriano -CCC
53 Ian Thebridge -CCC
54 Vaso Stojakovic -ICC
55 Michael Francis -CCC
56 Kevin Berkeley -CCC (DNF)
57 Vanessa Allen -ICC (DNF)
58 Ben ter Huurne -NVC (DNF)

Round 4 - Illawarra

Division 1A (A Grade)

1 Rhys Clarke -CCC
2 Luke Britten -ICC
3 Kevin Berkeley -CCC
4 Curtis Trkulja -NVC
5 Craig McCarney -CCC
6 Glen Leechburch-Auwers -CCC
7 Ryan Britten -ICC
8 Nick Brain -CCC (DNF)

Division 1B (B Grade)

1 Richard Vollebregt -SHCC
2 Graham Rutter -ICC
3 Mackenzie Hunter -ICC
4 Peter Cooper -ICC
5 Mark Saliba -CCC
6 Flynn Hill -CCC
7 Fraser Bliesner -ICC
8 David Ward -CCC
9 Rod Latham -ICC
10 Bernie I’Ons -ICC
11 Noah Brown -ICC
12 Ben Wallis -NVC
13 Lillee Pollock -ICC
14 Daniel Hickey -CCC
15 Daniel Pomering -CCC
16 Justin Dixon -ICC
17 Jared Madsen -CCC (DNF)
18 Ruben Vidal -CCC (DNF)
19 Nathan Crump -NVC (DNF)
20 Sam Pursell -ICC (DNF)

Division 2A (C Grade)

1 Cameron Harrison -NVC
2 Chris Allen -ICC
3 Brett Kent -CCC
4 Lachlan Hodson -CCC
5 Graeme Derrig -CCC
6 Wayne Bensley -GCC
7 Andrew Jackson -CCC
8 Adam Crowther -ICC
9 Andrew Brown -ICC
10 Robert Beretov -ICC
11 David Hunt -CCC
12 Aaron Coghlan -SHCC
13 Jason Spence -NVC
14 Phil Bourke -CCC
15 Chris Harrison -NVC
16 Michael Butcher -SHCC
17 Michael Francis -CCC
18 Brad Oaten -NVC
19 Abe Martin -ICC
20 Paul Burns -ICC

Division 2B (D Grade)

1 Ramazan Yavuz -CCC
2 Nancy Grull -ICC
3 Beau Spencer -CCC
4 Kieren Harrison -NVC
5 Warren Downes -CCC
6 David Gray -NVC
7 Allan Keers -CCC
8 Rob Calladine -CCC
9 Josh Pain -ICC
10 Ricky James -CCC (DNF)
11 Justyna McCarney -CCC (DNF)
12 Robert Picken -CCC (DNF)
13 Juliane Scuteri -CCC (DNF)
14 Finn Summers -CCC (DNF)
15 Adam Young -CCC (DNF)
16 Chris Berry -GCC (DNF)
17 Montanna Doubell -ICC (DNF)
18 Joe Pereira -NVC (DNF)
19 Zac Hulm -SHCC (DNF)
20 Vaso Stojakovic -ICC (DNF)

Fastest Time

1 Rhys Clarke -CCC455216
2 Kevin Berkeley -CCC34310
3 Ryan Britten -ICC55
4 Jacob Emmerton -GCC55
5 Craig McCarney -CCC145
6 Luke Britten -ICC44
7 Nat Burns -ICC33
8 Curtis Trkulja -NVC22
9 Richard Vollebregt -SHCC22
10 Glen Leechburch-Auwers -CCC11
11 Josh Ludman -NVC11