Camden Cycle Club

Presidents Report 20/21


I would like to extend my thanks to all members past and present for their contribution to the running of our Club over the last 12 months. We have had our challenges during the Covid period and restarting our race programmes but with great member support, we have come through this period in an excellent position. I personally would like to extend my thanks to our great committee this year who work quietly behind the scenes to ensure that the services our members require are met. Our Treasurer Andrew Ballas has moved out of the area. I would like to thank him for his service at the Club over the last few years, Andy, we wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure.

I would like to formally acknowledge the fantastic commitment of our sponsors in 20/21. Downes Nursery, Dawbutts, Antonia Albert and Eagles Automotive. Without their financial support and belief in what we do we would not be able to offer the prizes that we are able to offer to attract the fields we have at our events. Many thanks guys.

Our membership as of writing is 123 active members across all categories, which is an increase of 20% on last year’s membership numbers. The success of the Camden Cruise events has helped introduce new people to the sport which has flowed on to them becoming members. A big thank you to all members who have given up their time to support these events.

As you are aware there have been some big changes in the administration of our sport with Auscycling now replacing Cycling Australia as our Governing body. We are now fully affiliated with them. Cycling NSW is still an active body in some form and are running State events, however it is unclear at the time of writing what role they will play in the future.

To update you on items from last years AGM, below is a summary of items and course of action:

  1. Our monies with the Commonwealth Bank have now been transferred to our IMB accounts. Whilst a small amount still resides with them, the majority of funds have been transferred. A big thank you to Stan and Tony for helping finalise this matter.
  2. Our Defibrillator is now a part of our Medical kit.
  3. Our clothing supplier is now officially Prizm.

As most of you have seen, stage 2 of the Sports Hub is well under construction. Completion of the entire facility is slated for the end of 2021. We have had success with Council in design modification and construction to facilitate our needs and we may be able to use the circuit in early September. Discussions are ongoing with this and members will be updated as things develop. We have been able to get twilight/night racing approved over the summer months as the light towers will eventually be around the full circuit. I’m sure this will attract plenty of interest in the Criterium season. In addition, Council will be constructing a Clubhouse for us on-site, with no expense to us. We are in the early design phase for this, but there will be plenty of storage, a kitchenette and a garage for the Club trailer. Once plans and final location are drawn up, I will update members with all the details.

Our racing has been incredibly successful since resuming and has been noticed by our Governing body. As a Club we have been congratulated on the way we conduct and promote our events and praised on our policy of inclusion. There has been much debate around equal prizes for women’s racing or providing separate races at our events. I have had some lengthy debates with our Governing body and with Presidents of other Clubs on how to make things fair and equitable. Our Club policy is to always provide prizes for unplaced females in each division. With 98% of entries being male there just aren’t enough female riders entering events to justify separate races. As a Club if a situation arises where female entries are around 30% of total entries and there are enough in each division to justify doing then yes, our policy can change to facilitate separate events. However, at this time what we have been doing will continue.

Congratulations to our Club Champions this past year all very well-deserved winners. A big shout out to Alex Arias and Ollie at Prizm for donating our trophies this year, we appreciate your support. Please continue to share our Facebook posts around your networks as we storm into 2022.

I’ve had probably missed something or someone from the last year and I apologise in advance but like all great Clubs they are built by great members so a big thanks to everyone. Bring on the rest of the year and a great 2022.

May the force be with you…

Dave Hunt

President CCC