Southern Region Interclub hosted by Nowra 2019

Camden Cycle Club had a great day of racing at the Nowra Interclub criterium race at Albatross Aviation Tech Park  on the weekend, we managed to have at least one person on the podium in every division despite the hoards of Nowra entrants to battle through.

Full Results and Images

Nowra Interclub Div 1

Division 1A (A Grade), 45 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Robbie Dorsett (Goulburn CC0
2. Cameron Roberts (Goulburn CC)
3. Jacob Emmerton (Goulburn CC)
4. Scott Butler (Illawarra CC)
5. Jared Massen (Camden CC)
6. Richard Vollebregt (Sth Highlands CC)

Division 1B (B Grade), 40 minutes plus 2 laps

1. Neil Arnold (Illawarra CC)
2. David Ward (Camden CC)
3. Nathan Crump (Nowra Velo)
4. Mark Astley (Nowra Velo)
5. Brooklyn Henry (Nowra Velo)
6. Anton Klenke (Illawarra CC)
7. Steve Gendek (Nowra Velo)
8. Jade Colligan (Nowra Velo)
9. Manuel Moncado (Camden CC)
10. Dan Wells (Nowra Velo)

Nowra Interclub Div 2

Division 2A (C Grade), 30 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Gavin Nethery (Nowra Velo)
2. Mark Saliba (Camden CC)
3. Scott James (Nowra Velo)
4. Matt O’Hearn (Nowra Velo)
5. Jason Spence (Nowra Velo)
6. Glen Leechburch-Auwers (Camden CC)
7. Terry Wall (Illawarra CC)
8. Brendon Miller (Nowra Velo)
9. Josh Henry (Nowra Velo)
10. Lou Palermo (Illawarra CC)
11. Tim Devlin (Nowra Velo)
12. Anthony Field (Goulburn CC)
13. Matt Playford (Camden CC)
14. Ian Kielly (Nowra Velo)
15. Colin Hunt (Nowra Velo)
16. Phil Hansen (Goulburn CC)
17. Simon Priest (Sth Highlands CC)
18. Wally Erven (Illawarra CC)
19. Dave Hunt (Camden CC)

Division 2B (D Grade), 25 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Jacob Jenkins (Camden CC)
2. Adrian McMillan (Nowra Velo)
3. Jose Pereira (Nowra Velo)
4. Warren Downes (Camden CC)
5. Chris Berry (Goulburn CC)
6. Brett Kent (Camden CC)
7. Rachel Eagles (Camden CC)
8. Michael Thompson (Nowra Velo)
9. Joshua Gudisken (Camden CC)
10. John Cullity (Nowra Velo)
11. Graham Johns (Nowra Velo)
12. Martyn Smith (Nowra Velo)
13. Scott Martin (Nowra Velo)
14. Jamie Overton (Nowra Velo)

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