In 2019, the Camden Cycle Club retained the Southern Region Interclub Cycling Series Championship. The road cyclists of Camden seem to have the championship shield in their sights once again. Camden sent an impressive 24 riders to Round 1 of 4 hosted by Nowra Velo Club at the Albatross Aviation Tech Park Criterium Circuit.

In the early division 2C race, Illawarra Cycle Club member Kim Pham was evidently the strongest rider in the field with his solo breakaway to take the win. With a bunch sprint battling for 2nd and 3rd, Tim McMurray teamed up with Josh Gudikson both from Camden Cycle Club to take 2nd and lead him in for 3rd. Shortly after

Division 2B had a tough, fast race which saw 16 riders fighting for a top position for the final sprint, very early on in the final lap Illawarra racer Scott Delfs took a huge lead and finished 1st, followed by his Illawarra teammate Abe Martin. We knew Camden wouldn’t be too far behind sending female rider Rachel Eagles into 3rd and Brett Kent 4th by only centimetres.

In division 2A we saw Camden take another podium with Adam Pateo getting 2nd behind Ben Wallis who granted Nowra their first podium on their home turf. Goulburn Cycling Club also took their first podium for the day with Phil Chapman racing in for 3rd.

It was clear that Division 1B racers had met for a ‘pre-race chat’ to discuss tactics. Camden member Jacob Jenkins was constantly up the road causing major disruption to the peloton, which we believe was an attempt to hurt other clubs giving Camden Cycle Club the best opportunity for the sprint, in which, they were successful. Camden’s Glenn Allerton took a huge lead after some skilful riding out of the final corner and winning the sprint uncontested, further back chasing was last years Interclub Champion, Illawarra’s Neil Arnold and Nowra’s Nathan Crump. Interestingly enough, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th positions were filled by Camden riders, Manuel Moncada, Jacob Jenkins, Daniel Pomering and David Ward.

If you thought that Camden had reached their high point for the day at this point, you thought wrong, you should have stuck around for the 4-man breakaway in the Division 1A race led by Camden’s Craig McCarney. Early in the race, Camden’s Nick Brain hurt the field before McCarney powered off and teammate Rhys Clarke blocked the rest of the peloton. With a break formed and 30 seconds in front for the second half of the race, the first 4 spots were confirmed, however, in what order? Camden representative Craig McCarney took the final corner first wheel and remained out in front, punching the air as close to 20 Camden Cycle Club members cheered and watched on in awe of his performance.

The following 3 break-away members crossed the line immediately after with Jindabyne’s Lachlan Harrigan 2nd, Mark Gibson of Goulburn in 3rd and fellow Goulburn teammate Jacob Emmerton crossing 4th.

An incredible day out for Camden of course, but also a great day for Southern Region Cycling with Nowra hosting a brilliant event and setting the standards high for round 1.

The clubs will meet again at 2pm on the 21st of March to move up the ladder, retain the lead or simply just have a blast racing their bikes. Come and support your local Camden cycling club at Round of the 2 Southern Region Interclub in Menangle, NSW. (Stevens Road).

By Jacob Jenkins

Nowra Interclub rider results

Division 1, A grade, 45 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Craig McCarney Camden CC
2. Lachlan Harrigan Jindabyne CC
3. Mark Gibson Goulburn CC
4. Jacob Emmerton Goulburn CC
5. Jason McLaughlan Camden CC
6. Rhys Clarke Camden CC
7. Cameron Roberts Goulburn CC
8. Robert Dorset Goulburn CC
9. Jared Madsen Camden CC
10. Nick Brain Camden CC
11. Richard Vollebregt Southern Highlands CC

Division 1, B grade, 40 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Glen Allerton Camden CC
2. Neil Arnold Illawarra CC
3. Nathan Crump Nowra Velo
4. Jacob Jenkins Camden CC
5. Manuel Moncada Camden CC
6. David Ward Camden CC
7. Daniel Pomering Camden CC
8. Richard Vitiello Nowra Velo
9. Brooklyn Henry Nowra Velo
10. Hugh Sessini Illawarra CC
11. Callum Emmerton Goulburn CC
12. Mark Salabia Camden CC
13. Ben Rolfe Nowra Velo
14. Coby Muir Nowra Velo
15. Mario Sessini Illawarra CC
16. Rod Latham Illawarra CC
17. Michael Berriman Nowra Velo
18. Glen Leechburch-Auwers Camden CC
19. Jimmy Kourembes Camden CC
20. Gavin Nethery Nowra Velo

Division 2, A grade, 30 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Ben Wallis Nowra Velo
2. Adam Patao Camden CC
3. Phil Chapman Goulburn CC
4. Lou Palermo Illawarra CC
5. Matt Playford Camden CC
6. Phil Jones Illawarra CC
7. Wayne White Southern Highlands CC
8. Dean Jackson Nowra Velo
9. Joshua Henry Nowra Velo
10. Brad Oaten Nowra Velo
11. Jason Spence Nowra Velo
12. Brendon Miller Nowra Velo
13. Greg Scott Camden CC
14. Ian Roe Illawarra CC
15. Terry Wall Illawarra CC
16. Anthony Field Goulburn CC
17. Tim Devlin Nowra Velo
18. Jeffery Gray Illawarra CC

Division 2, B grade, 25 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Scott Delfs Illawarra CC
2. Abe martin Illawarra CC
3. Rachel Eagles Camden CC
4. Brett Kent Camden CC
5. Geoff Lockhart Nowra Velo
6. Ayla Rudgley Goulburn CC
7. Liam Wallis Nowra Velo
8. Chris Berry Goulburn CC
9. Andrew Jackson Camden CC
10. Adrian McMillan Nowra Velo
11. Peter Bresser Illawarra CC
12. Michael Thompson Nowra Velo
13. Robert Beretov Illawarra CC
14. Aaron Lauder Nowra Velo
15. Warren Downes Camden CC
16. Brad Martin Illawarra CC

Division 2, C grade, 25 minutes plus 2 laps
1. Kim Pham Illawarra CC
2. Tim McMurray Camden CC
3. Josh Gudiksen Camden CC
4. Steve Daley Nowra Velo
5. Zac Hulm Southern Highlands CC
6. Jose Pereira Nowra Velo
7. Zara Jobson Nowra Velo
8. Matt Grootenboer Nowra Velo
9. Wayne Skillman Nowra Velo
10. Stuart Garnsey Camden CC
11. Jamie Overton Nowra Velo
12. Peter Jackson Jindabyne CC