Camden cycle club racing event

Camden cycle club racing event

Camden Cycle Club 2019 Club Championships

Our club championships were held over 4 events each with a different cycling discipline over some tough cycling courses in the Macarthur region.


Round 1: Elimination Crit

A tough elimination criterium race at Macquarie Fields reserve, the last ride is eliminated after every 2nd lap so you really need to hang on for your life to win this one.

1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Aaron Taylor
3rd: Craig McCarney

Round 3: Individual Time Trial

Individual Time Trial cycling race at Ridge Rd Oakdale

1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Jared Madsen
3rd: David Ward
Full Results HERE

Round 2: Hill Climb

A gruelling Time Trial race up Old Razorback really tested everyone’s ability to suffer.

1st: Rhys Clarke
2nd: Jared Madsen
3rd: Mark Saliba

Round 4: 65km Road Race

Tough 65km road race at Menangle, in the beautiful Macarthur region. It’s an out and back course which we did 4 laps.

1st: Nick Brain
2nd: Rhys Clarke
3rd: Jared Madsen

Overall Championship Results

Rhys Clarke67676758259
Jared Madsen48585852216
Craig McCarney52484848196
David Ward47435243185
Jimmy Kourembes41444541171
Adnaan Gierdan45414039165
Jacob Jenkins43423935159
Daniel Pommering4447440135
Manuel Moncada0454244131
Rachel Eagles0404134115
Michael Gleeson4003833111
Brett Kent3938032109
Warren Downes3837029104
Josh Gudiksen3436330103
Mark Saliba05203890
Glen Leechburch Auwers42390081
James Salafia36036072
Chris Fairall37003168
Nick Brain0006767
Ian Thebridge00372865
Tim McMurray00353065
Aaron Taylor5800058
Rob Hall0047047
Daniel Kubecka0004747
Daniel Hickey0004545
Matt Hall0043043
Alex Arias0004242
Brett Harpur0004040
Matthew Playford0003737
Michael Burke0003636
Greg Webb3500035
Jordan McAulay0034034