2024 Cycling Race Results

Let's Race

At Camden Cycle Club we love to race, be it Road Racing, Criterium, Hill Climbs or Time Trials. Anything we can get our pedals on.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who without their help these races would not be possible.

Narellan Sports Hub 21-1-24

E Grade
 Mike Adam’s
 Jasmine Bautista
 Marvin Bautista

D Grade
 Greg Cochrane
 Andy Hargraves
 Robert Jimenez

C Grade
 Brad Boyton
 Lachlan Hodson
 Harry Lindbom

B Grade
 Jayden Pendleton
 Jeremy Cannon
 Flynn Hill

A Grade
 Craig McCarney
 Jared Masden
 Joel Offord

Narellan Sports Hub 25-2-24

A&B Grade Handicap
Jared Madsen
Clay Butler
Luke Strachan

C Grade
Ryan Roberts
Marc Meura
Alex Mackie

D Grade
Steven Saunders
Bobby Jimenel

E Grade
Zoe Bruce
Lucas Fox
Ryan Coghlan

Narellan Sports Hub 28-4-24

B Grade
1st – Isaac Silva
2nd – Aaron Taylor
3rd – Adam Hebden

C Grade
1st – Dave Hunt
2nd – Alex O’Flynn
3rd – Resti Fortaleza

D Grade
1st – Josh Gudiksen
2nd – Bobby Jimenez
3rd – Dale Smith

E Grade
1st – Queemie Pham